Active discussion make a team with the same will and passion anywhere.

May 12, 2016
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Yasushi Nakazawa (left), Erin Matsunaga (enter), and Yusuke Takano (right) from GIMIC CO., LTD.


Under the company concept toward a society where information from the internet brings everyone’s heart closer, GIMIC is growing mainly in medial media business.

  • The number of users: 100
  • Oneteam using section: all
  • Branches: Tokyo, Nagoya in Japan
  • Business: Internet media, publishing
  • Communication tool before introducing Oneteam: emails, Intranet

Making a new branch brought the limit of communication

Ms. Matsunaga: GIMIC aims to solve the medical issues which Japan facing today through two businesses: running medical information media “Doctor’s File,” and publishing magazines “Reliable Doctors,” which deliver each doctor’s ardor. 

Since we interview each doctor heartily, we limited our business only in Tokyo area, we decided to expand our media throughout Japan starting this year in order to meet the needs of both doctors and readers. 

Opening a new branch office in Nagoya, we are planning to expand spread our business to Sapporo, Fukuoka, Sendai in order.

Sugi: Congratulations on your opening new branch! Are there any worries you had about branching and increasing members?

Corporate Staff Section Manager

Ms. Erin Matsunaga

Ms. Matsunaga: I make much account of working together sharing the same will and passion as much as we did when we were working in the same office floor. 

GIMIC has our own company culture of praising, advising and appreciating actively, and we had no difficulty having the same will and passion each other until now for our culture. However, when we started to have some of business division in different floors as the number of the members increased rapidly, we came to feel it would be almost impossible to share the same will and passion in the entire company because we cannot communicate as we did any more. We have to use online communication tool to communicate with the larger numbers of people, but the tools we used at the time were emails and our intranet, which are not only suitable for real-time or casual communication but also make only closed communication. 

Thus, we were afraid that the amount of communication would decrease among the company if we enlarge our company.

Mr. Nakazawa: Also, in terms of business promotion, we had to revise the way of sharing and keeping information drastically. 

When we have a meeting, we used to print each material beforehand and handed them out at the meeting. 

Then, after the meeting, we filed both the material and the meeting minute to stock. In this way, we cannot share the information beyond the branches.

Plus, it was a fundamental problem that we did not have any other way to know which project is in what status other than meetings. 

As the number of workers grown, the number of the projects has increased, so we had to spend more time on meeting. 

We had to change how we manage the meetings, which was the time when we met Oneteam.

Meetings got paperless! Company culture has been spread to each branch

Business Planning Section Manager, Chief Editor of Doctor’s File

Mr. Nakazawa Yasushi

Sugi: Is there any effect of introducing Oneteam?

Mr. Nakazawa: Firstly, we could reduce costs printing and stocking materials for meetings. 

We used to print about 700 pieces of paper every week, but Oneteam realized our meeting paperless. 

Since Oneteam is simple and easy to use, everyone can use 迷うことなく. 

That is why we succeed to transfer to paperless meeting shortly after the introduction as well as transform the meeting.

In terms of spreading our company culture, Oneteam showed an effect more than we expected. Before using Oneteam, our online communication was limited to personal and closed such as emails and chatting tools, but Oneteam enabled us to share information openly.

 Now we can tell praise and appreciation online where everyone will see. This means we can share joy in real time with everyone by telling “Congratulation” and “Thank you” when there is a sales person who receives an order, for an example. Now, we share the same will and passion with the whole company beyond branches.

Oneteam integrates and organizes information in one place, and you communicate as if you are with the members

Sales Planning Group in Business Planning Section

Mr. Yusuke Takano

Mr. Takano: Oneteam realized all company information in one place, which have scattered in different channels such as emails and chatting tools for one to one communication, and paper-based meetings for multiple member communication, the intranet for sharing materials.

In-house newsletters using Oneteam

For instance, when sales person creates useful materials for doctors, it can be easily shared with other members. 

Also, Oneteam enables us to have real-time smooth discussions online, we can progress our work as if we are actually on a meeting. 

I realized that everyone communicates more for asking advice and questions and its answer recently. 

We will have many incoming members from now, so I would like to establish our culture in GIMIC which people communicate lively online beyond the branches.

Members in a new branch in Nagoya started “Casual Nagoya News,” in-house newsletters from the new branch to tell their work and situation with both pictures and texts using Oneteam. 

Though we are apart, we can see what is going on over there, which brings us a sense of “working together as a team.”

Oneteam realizes communicating online beyond divisions

Ms. Matsunaga: Oneteam brought lively communication beyond the divisions. One of the typical examples is a training program for new graduate employees. 

As a part of the program, new graduate employees has to acquire clinic interviews. 

They create a daily report topic in Oneteam every day with findings and points for improvements. 

Elder employees will send messages with advice or cheering comments to that. It is only by Oneteam that new graduates can feel like working as a team beyond divisions right after entering.

Sending complementing and advising messages in Oneteam

Becoming a team who keep the same will and passion toward the goal beyond the branches throughout Japan

Mr. Nakazawa: Before using Oneteam, we were very afraid that information gap would occur between Nagoya and Tokyo at the time. However, thanks to Oneteam, there is no worry for that any more. We share sense of “working together as a team” through Oneteam no matter where we work.

Ms. Matsunaga: The time will come soon when there are some members who have not met each other even though they work in the same company as we spread branches throughout in Japan. In order to create a strong team who keep the same will and passion toward the same goal, it is essential to have a sense of unity as the company beyond divisions and branches.

 Oneteam plays a necessary role for growing business because not only we can see what is going on in each branch but also we can communicate beyond the branches.

 I would like to create a team with GIMIC culture which members will help and complement each other regardless of the size or the location of the company.

Company Data

Company Name:Oneteam Inc.

CEO:Akira Sasaki

Incorporated:February 3, 2015

Office:Daininakayama Building 5F, 3-11-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


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