“Oneteam” is now out of beta!

June 13, 2016
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We’ve just officially started providing our business communication tool “Oneteam” via web browsers and mobile apps (iOS / Android) on June 14, 2016.

“Oneteam” is the solution to your communication problems

CEO Sasaki, while working mainly in Asia with teams based in multiple countries, experienced the delight associated with progress generated by a team that is composed of members with a variety of backgrounds. 

Although “The difficulty of sharing information and collaborating” from various locations and time zones led to projects getting bogged down. 

Oneteam was born, in order to solve these problems.

Smooth cooperation is no longer dependent on time or locationAggregate information dispersed across your team * Integration will be available soonVisualize how your team is communicating * Will be available in Winter, 2016

How Oneteam Works

Easily follow the flow of the conversation and search the discussion later

With existing messaging tools, it is difficult to follow a discussion after stepping out, or attending a meeting, because various topics are being discussed in a group at once.

Oneteam makes it easy to follow the progression of each topic because all messages and revisions that accumulate are logged and searchable.

It is easy to find past conversations by backtracking the flow that lead to the topics creation.

Activate the conversation within your team

Simply create conversation in real time around topics important to your team, the volume of online conversation will naturally increases and will enable your team to share information rapidly.

You’re able to work anytime and from anywhere

Take communication anywhere, and check up on important information your team is working on at anytime, access it all on your mobile device. Regardless of time and place you can improve your teams efficiency and productivity.


For teams fewer than 10 Oneteam is available free of charge. For teams that have more than 10 members, the service is available for 880 yen per month per member. Right now, as part of our production launch campaign, we are offering a two-week free trial.

The future of Oneteam

So far we have introduced a beta version of the service to 3,500 customers in more than 13 countries.

In the future communication will be even easier for members with a “direct chat function”.

We will also be “integrating with other services” for the purpose of centralizing the management of information in a team. For the convenience of our users in SE Asia we will develop our product in multiple languages so the service can be used flawlessly across the region.

The upgrades to the service will be implemented by the end of 2016; We’re aiming to eventually have 100,000 users.

Company Data

Company Name:Oneteam Inc.

CEO:Akira Sasaki

Incorporated:February 3, 2015

Office:Daininakayama Building 5F, 3-11-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


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Email: info@oneteam.co.jp

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