Second anniversary greeting and thanks for the establishment of Oneteam

February 2, 2017
ニュース | News

Thanks to your support, Oneteam Inc. marks the second anniversary of its establishment.

We offer our sincere gratitude to all of you, our customers who use our company’s product on daily basis as well as our staff and stakeholders who support and cheer us on.

With the release of the commercial version of Oneteam last year, we achieved a great milestone and it has been a year in which many customers were able to use our company’s product.

More than anything, the response of customers to the concept of our company’s product, saying things like, “I’m so glad I used Oneteam!”, make us feel supremely happy.

Although these have been two years brimming with everlasting gratitude for us, from the viewpoint of the company, this is no more that a checkpoint.

This year, with our new mission “Make working with people more engaging”, we would like to become a pioneer of work-style reforms in Japan and lead work-style reforms for customers through our services and products.

Thus, all our employees will strive, pushing forward, in order to deliver new value to even more customers in the future.

Our sincere thanks to you for your support and continued support for Oneteam.

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