Oneteam officially appears in the Slack App Directory !

July 30, 2017
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Oneteam Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akira Sasaki) announces that it has integrated its service with the business-oriented chat tool Slack (headquarters: San Francisco, USA). 

Oneteam has been officially listed in the Communication and Productivity categories of the Slack App Directory service provided by Slack. 

It is now possible for users to register to use Oneteam from the Slack App Directory.

Circumstances Behind the Integration

In accordance with its mission of “Make working with people more engaging,” Oneteam Inc. 

offers services that help get work done collaboratively in the form of Oneteam. 

Oneteam is a tool that facilitates discussions by enabling the sharing of content including files, and by integrating with other SaaS tools, all with a focus on work-related challenges and goals.

One of Oneteam’s major distinguishing features is that it provides Topics for each challenge and goal, as spaces for team members to post the information they have gathered. Oneteam Topics can be used as spaces for a variety of purposes, such as pre-discussion background briefings, lists of deliverables, reports from client or customer interviews, presentations of draft proposals, meeting minutes, and daily reports.

Meanwhile, the business chat tool Slack offers easy real-time communication and outstanding collaborative functionality, enabling convenient reviews of routine business, as well as the sort of timely reporting that is needed in development settings, and more.

 Slack’s user base has been growing in Japan as well, among engineers in particular.

Oneteam and Slack differ in terms of the types of business information in which they specialize. 

The proportions of information handled by each also differ significantly by job category. Integrating these two services creates a connection between tools that have differing occupational focuses, and will serve to promote information sharing and stimulate dialogue within organizations.

How to Integrate Slack into Oneteam

Oneteam administrators can easily set Oneteam to integrate with Slack from the Settings screen in Oneteam.

About Oneteam Inc.

With a corporate mission to “Make working with people more engaging,” Oneteam Inc. offers Oneteam, a collaboration tool that facilitates everything from information sharing and discussion among teams, to the subsequent implementation of strategy. 

Oneteam believes that raising the quantity and quality of strategies implemented by teams is at the root of corporate innovation, and will continue to strive toward the goal of making it easier for teams to collaborate. Going forward, the company will endeavor to further improve its tools’ ease of use, such as through more integration with other tools as in this instance. 

Oneteam also expects to continue to build its track record and present more specific case studies of its tools in action.

Company Name: Oneteam Inc.

CEO: Akira Sasaki

Incorporated: February 3, 2015

Office: Daininakayama Building 5F, 3-11-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


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