Get notified with Oneteam updates in Slack channels

September 16, 2016
機能紹介 | Introduction

We’ve released an update that supports connecting with Slack to receive Oneteam updates on Slack channels

You can find it on Chat Notifications panel of settings screen.

You can choose Slack Channels and Oneteam Groups once you approve access from Oneteam by clicking Sign in with Slack button on setting screen.

You can receive notifications the below on your Slack channels

  • Topic Created
  • Topic Updated
  • Topic Deleted
  • Message Received
  • New Member Joined
  • Member Left

If you don’t want to receive specific notification, you can turn off by checking out checkboxes on setting screen.

Admin or Owner permission is required to update this setting.

If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up from our sign up page.

We’re happy to hear your feedbacks or requests, please contact us if you have any.

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