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B Trade Partners reduced meeting times by 20%

CEO Takeshi Sato (left), Ryo Takemura from Marketing Suport Division (right) from B Trade Partners Co., Ltd.

Active discussion make a team with the same will and passion anywhere.

Yasushi Nakazawa (left), Erin Matsunaga (enter), and Yusuke Takano (right) from GIMIC CO., LTD.

growing company, Givery’s unique approach for communication activation

Givery, Inc., Masaki ( left ), Minobe ( middle ), and Tanaka ( right )

“There are new workers I don’t know.” “I’m not sure who does which work.”

How do you solve this kind of issue, which happens often when your company grows rapidly? For ventures, especially, this is hard to cope with for the issue is important but not urgent.

Founded in 2009, with the mission “Create an eco-system to grow for those who enrich the society,” Givery, Inc. ( Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan ) has been struggling with the issue; as the company has been enlarged, they became less connected with members in the other divisions than the one they belong to.

After their introduction of Profile Book a half year ago, however, the situation started to change. They said that Profile Book brought them closer, which contributes to their communication activation. Today, we interviewed three members from Givery to know how they brought the change and it effects to their team.